The world used to be a better place.

Apostate Amistic

In the coming weeks and months, this will be developed to explain why I think the world is totally fucked. There may be some thoughts on how to fix things, but mostly this will be the crazy guy standing on the soap box on the street corner screaming while being totally ignored. Enjoy!

3/14/24 - Happy PI Day!

Thought for the day... just because we *can* do something, doesn't mean we *should* do something. At some point in the last few years, someone wrote some piece of software that allows computers to call cell phones and play a recorded message or if they answer, forward them to a slave in some other country - how annoying. That software was adapted to send text messages. And, the numbers that "originate" the calls / texts are spoofed and not real - again, how annoying.

I got a call today from a piece of software that was spoofing a number from an area code that doesn't exist. I didn't answer. In fact, as of 4pm Eastern Time, I've had 18 calls today (3 were actual live human beings and the others - I presume - were pieces of software). Ugh.

Realizing that I'm writing this and publishing it on the internet... maybe the whole idea of the internet was a bad thing. "Every enhancement is an amputation." I don't have to remember the population of Dayton Ohio, or what the lyrics of Rubin Clamso are, or what the order of the presidents was because, I can simply google that information. Instead I can focus my thoughts on some person that is famous for being famous... or focus my thoughts on nothing. I don't need to memorize the digits of PI.

Sir, I send a rhyme excelling in sacred truth and rigid spelling: numerical sprites elucidate for me the lexicon's dull weight (PI to the 20th, from memory).

P.S. As a software developer for the last (let me think...) 42 years, (professionally 32 years), when I say "piece of software" (written by someone else), really what I'm saying is "piece of shit".

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3/6/24 - I've spent more time today adding email addresses and senders and "companies" to my blacklist in my email client than I did at three different doctor appointments and shopping for essentials (food, etc.). The internet used to be virtual place where colleagues could freely exchange ideas. Now it is a billion websites trying to sell me something that I don't want, don't need, can't afford and even if I did want it, need it and could afford it, exposing my credit card number to some company I've never heard of that is spamming me... yeah like that is really going to happen.

I bought a jacket from Amazon - well, a company selling jackets on Amazon. It arrived. It was too small. Tried to return it - the company says "keep it and we will give you 25% of your payment back". No. I want a full refund and a return label to ship it back. They give me a full refund (thanks) and a return label (pay your own shipping) to a place in Canada. International shipping $56 and change. Got the jacket back today because they (the seller) refused to accept the shipped package. So... postal rates are going up, I'm out $56 and have a jacket that is too small for me and everyone that I know locally. Anyone want it? Leather bombers jacket with a zippered fleece lining, no hood, sized "large" (aka, 40" across the shoulders, short cut).

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